LavaCake Token (LAVA)
LavaCake Token


  • Token Name: LavaCake Token
  • Token Symbol: LAVA
  • Contract Address: 0xa2Eb573862F1910F0537001a419Bd9B01e821c8A
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Max Supply: Unlimited

Transfer Tax

  • Total Transfer Tax Rate: 7.5% 5% of every transfer
  • Burn Rate: 30% 100% of transfer tax will be burned immediately (5% of transaction amount)
  • Automatic Liquidity Rate: 70% 0% of transfer tax will be added to the LP pool and locked. (0% of transaction amount)

Emission Rate

  • New LAVA/Block = 1 (initial emission rate). The emission rate will be adjusted reduce gradually.
  • 9.09% to the dev team to ensure essential growth of the project. During the first farming week, LAVA in Dev wallet will be transferred to LavacakeLocker contract daily.

Deposit Fee

Deposit fee is 3.9% for non-LAVA Farms/Pools. Deposit fee is 0% for native Farms/Pools. 75% of this fee will be used to Buyback + Burn LAVA to pump the price, and redistribute to LAVA holders when stake on Chocolate Pools.