LavaCake Finance
Fair Launch, No Pre-sale, No Pre-mine for dev

We're trying to do a Fair Launch for everyone. πŸš€

  • Farming Start Block: #8202800​
  • Estimated Target Date: Fri Jun 11 2021 11:00 UTC
  • LAVA is available on PancakeSwap v2 for Swap at 12:00 UTC, Sun Jun 06
  • Initial Emission Rate: 1 LAVA/Block
Before farming starts, you can deposit your tokens to any farms or pools in advance. But there will be no farming rewards until the start.
The dev team will only mine 150 LAVA to add liquidity. The dev team will add LAVA-BUSD, LAVA-BNB liquidities on PancakeSwap v2. Initial liquidity will be burned 100%
There is no pre-sale. You can only buy LAVA tokens at PancakeSwap v2.
Last modified 7mo ago