Other Frequently Asked Questions
Some frequently asked questions

1. Can I stake/unstake before harvest time?

You can stake, unstake anytime, it will not affect the LAVA you earned

2. Will everyone harvest at the same time?

Yes, after the countdown ends. You will have 24 hours to harvest

3. Is there a fee to harvest?

There will be a 7.5% 5% transfer tax charged on the amount of LAVA you harvest. Transfer tax can be changed from 0 -10%, so check on Dapp before making a transaction.

4. Is there a quantity limit when harvesting?

You can harvest all

5. Do I need to unstake when harvesting?

No, you don't. If you still want to earn LAVA, then maintain your pool.

6. What should I pay attention to when selling LAVA?

You can sell LAVA on PancakeSwap. Don't forget to set Slippage > 5% (recommended >20% when countdown ends), and each transaction no more than Max tx Amount in LAVA (check Max tx Amount on website, it's always changing).

7. Does the developer sell LAVA?

We will hold LAVA and use it as a reserve fund to maintain and develop the project in the future.

8. Can i sell all my LAVA after i have harvested?

Each transaction cannot exceed the Maximum Tx Amount in LAVA (check Max tx Amount on website, it's always changing). So if you have more LAVA amount than Max Tx Amount, then you need to make more than one transaction to sell all your LAVA.